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Wedding Accessories

Unadorned hair is beautiful on its own, but bridal headpieces have the power to pull your entire look together.

A traditional tiara is so versatile that you can wear it with your hair long or short, up in an elaborate or simple style. Tiaras can look equally lovely with natural flowing hair. It’s best to choose your dress before you begin choosing your accessories, so you can make sure they co-ordinate.

Arrange with us at Belladonna to collect your tiara in time to have a trial run with your hairdresser before the big day, and then if you need to make any changes to your hairstyle this can be done in advance – avoiding wedding day dramas!

When you start looking for tiaras make sure that you try them on. Tiaras and other bridal accessories can look very different when sitting on a shelf than where they are designed to look most beautiful, in your hair.

Hair combs vary in size and shape, and are usually better if at least some of the hair is up. If you are wearing a veil this could be kept on a separate simple comb that can be removed after the ceremony while the decorative comb is left in.

Headbands are very versatile as they can be worn with the hair down, half up or all up. You can ask to have the band wrapped with a ribbon that matches your hair colour if you want it to blend in, or pearls and crystals if you want it to stand out.  Side headbands are particularly fashionable right now.