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5 Tips for Bridal Sample Sales

1. Do some research If possible do some research on styles, designers and prices before you head over to a bridal sample sale. Browse through our website to view our sale dresses. 2. Sample sale sizes Don’t stay away from a bridal sample sale just because you think your size is not available. Sizing “doesn’t” matter. In most cases the dress can be altered but always check with the store. Some alterations are more difficult than others. If your dress is heavily beaded for example, it might be quite complex to have it altered and thus more expensive. Remember it’s much easier to make a dress smaller than to go up in size and obviously it’s always better to buy a dress in the right size. 3. Bring a friend Don’t bring a big group but bring someone who will be brutally honest.
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  It’s your big day and you deserve to look a million dollars. You’ve chosen your dress and it’s absolutely fabulous, now you’ve got to decide what to wear with your stunning gown. Do you accessorise to the hilt? Or do you opt for a more subtle look? The choice is, of course, completely up to you but there are certain ‘rules’ you should remember when accessorising your wedding gown. . Wedding Dress Acessories   . 1. Less can sometimes be more It’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to dress like a princess, so you’re going to wear the whole caboodle, a tiara, veil, necklace, earrin
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10 things to do after buying your dress

  sp . 1. Select your Shoes – The shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day are a must have for the first fitting, as the height of the heel will completely determine the hem length of your gown. Wear them around the house so you avoid any discomfort on your wedding day. 2. Order Your Bridesmaid Dresses – Now that you know the style of your wedding dress you can start researching bridesmaid dresses, colors etc. that will flatter your dress and pull the look together. 3. Wedding Jewelry – Start thinking about the accent pieces that will accentuate your look on your special da
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