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Things to consider when choosing your gown

Advice From Jesus Peiro

Choosing your wedding dress isn’t about buying an outfit. It’s about enjoying an experience and selecting a once-in-a-lifetime piece of clothing that goes well beyond simply being a dress. Your wedding gown becomes a part of your occasion and I can guarantee that by the end of the day, there’ll be memories in every inch of fabric. To help you choose the gown that suits you best, check Marion Mathews advice.

What Are Your Most Important ‘Key Deciders’?

“As the landscape of bridal dress shopping continues to change researching your options before visiting a store has become ever more vital. Think about the key deciders in your dress decision. What is important to you? If sustainability and ethical production are values you hold dear then making decisions about your wedding that represent your values seems like a good plan. Your wedding dress is most likely the most expensive item of clothing you will ever buy, a once in a lifetime chance to have a dress fitted exactly to your body shape.”

Go With Your Heart

“Although you only wear the dress for one day the images of you in that dress will be with you and those close to you for your whole life. This is the image that will be on the wall and possibly the homes of your relatives and the photographs your children will see in the future to remind them of how you looked at this time. No pressure then! Feeling good and comfortable in what you are wearing will show on your face.”

Consider The Practicalities

“Practicalities are important because you are not going to look radiant if you are worried about showing too much cleavage or if you have some heavy boning digging into you. Walking gracefully will come if you aren’t trying to manoeuvre a less than practical gown around. Hooped petticoats can provide surprising ease for fuller skirted dresses, keeping the fabric away from the body and allowing you to move easily. Think too about the evening time, you want to be able to boogie with your guests so make sure the store can bustle away the train or look to a dress that offers a formal look for the day and less formal one for the evening (by removing an overskirt, for example).”

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