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You should hire a videographer

Hiring a videographer is an investment you have to factor into your wedding day budget, just like any other wedding vendor.

You can admire how beautiful your dress flowed while you were dancing your first dance, or how emotional you were when your sister said her speech.

You’ll forget all the little things you did that day, but the videographer will help you remember. You’re often told that your wedding day goes by as fast as a camera flash and it’s very true. Right after “you may kiss the bride”, you are at the “last dance” before you know it – and then it’s all over.

It’s amazing how much happens on that very day! With this extra visual material you will be able to see the looks on your guest`s faces during this magic moments, your aunt’s smile as you first stepped out to walk down the aisle, your grandma wiping a tear from her eye when you say “I do”.

Because videographers know what they are doing and by playing with speed, music and voiceover, they can create a beautiful wedding keepsake that takes you right back to one of the best days of your life.