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Wedding to do list

Planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of time and dedication.

You need to find the venue, choose the dress, get the invitations out and plan the celebration, on top of so much more. Don’t panic because here you have your wedding to-do list to make sure you don’t forget anything for your special day. Take a look at what needs to be done and when:

After Engagement: 16 – 12 Months To Go

Get organized – start a wedding folder

When you get into the wedding details: venues, dresses, flowers, caterers (the list goes on) you will get overwhelmed if you don’t have all your paperwork, receipts and contact numbers all in one place.

Set a wedding budget

Where to save and where to splurge – decide what you will spend the most money on and where you need to shave money off your spending.

Get brainstorming

Take a look at wedding magazines and Pinterest boards to get you inspired for the big day. Think about your venue, colour palette and of course, dresses.

Save the date

You will need to decide on the date of your wedding day so you can get planning. You could pick a seasonal wedding day to give your special day a theme. Check out the best winter wedding ideas for some inspiration.

Pick your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Once everyone knows that you are engaged, they will be wondering who is involved in the wedding. Decide who you want to be in the wedding and ask them.

Make a guest list

Next on the list is figuring out a guest list. It’s better to do this sooner rather than later so you can begin considering what size venue you want.

Make appointments with a bridal boutique

It’s time to start thinking about the kind of dress you want to wear on your special day. Book in an appointment with a bridal boutique to see what dresses are available and what kind you want to get.

Throw an engagement party

What better way to announce your engagement than with a party?

12 Months To Go

Book your venue

With only a year to go until the big day, you will need to decide upon the venue and book it for your wedding. Try to see a couple of venues before you book to get a broader view of what’s out there.

Finalize the guest list

Go over your guest list and double check that it is all correct. Make sure that the venue you have picked can hold your guests, otherwise you may need to look into another venue or whittle down your guest list.

Invite your guests

Now that you have the venue booked and your guest list at the ready, send out invitations to everyone so they have enough time to save the date and arrange any travel and accommodation they need to.

9 Months To Go

Book a wedding photographer

Do some research into wedding photographers and decide which one you would like to book for the big day. Try to get this booked and organized as soon as possible because then it’s one more thing ticked off your to-do list.

Book caterers

Book appointments to meet with your caterers to discuss your food plans and how many people you will need to cater for.

Meet with a florist

What screams romance more than flowers? And you are going to want to get your hands on the perfect wedding flower arrangements for your wedding. Think about your colour scheme and how your flower arrangements will complement this. Your florist will be able to advise you on colours, arrangements and so much more.

Choose your dress

The time has come to make a final decision on your wedding dress. Head along to your bridal boutique for a dress fitting. Book any alterations in so it’s another thing off your mind.

Book your honeymoon

Though this may not be the biggest thing on your mind, it’s time to think about booking your honeymoon. Do your research and decide upon a destination you are both happy with.

6 Months To Go

Book your florist and caterer

At the 6 month point, you will need to get busy booking and scheduling your flower arrangements and caterers so you are all organized for your big day.

Book your glam team for the day

Get in touch with your hair stylist and makeup artist for your big day. You should probably meet with them before the day so you can talk through what you want and how they can make it happen.

Choose your gift list

Give your guests some guidance on the gifts that you and your new hubby want to get.

Second dress fitting

Make sure your dress is the perfect fit and have any alterations fixed.

Choose the wedding rings

Both of you will need to make sure you have picked out your wedding rings for the big day.

Order wedding cake

Get in touch with a local bakery of your choice and let them know your order and when you need it ready for. Try to give them a picture to help make the perfect cake for your wedding.

Bridesmaid dresses

If you haven’t already then you will need to head out and get your bridesmaid dresses.

3 Months To Go

Finalise menu

After you have picked the menu for your big day, you will need to book this with the appropriate people.

Finalize the order of the ceremony

Getting closer to the big day means you need to be thinking about how you want your wedding to happen. Make sure everyone is aware of their role in the wedding and what the order of service will be.

2 Months to Go

Touch base

Get in contact with the photographer, venue and caterers to make sure everyone is ready for your wedding day.

Get your marriage license

If you are changing your name then this one can take a little longer.

Arrange and decorate your venue

You are nearly ready to get married and so you will need to make sure you get the venue decorated and ready for your special day.

Wedding day

And of course, the moment you have been building up to, last on the list is to get married!

Make sure that you know which guests will be attending, have your stylists and makeup artists are at the ready and know that your dress is fitted beautifully. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so make sure you have seen to all the details in time to eliminate any hiccups.

Blog post by guest contributor Hollie Jones (hollie@hollieandtheivy.com)