14th November 2018

Love Is Brewing

An abundance of ideas to alternative groom style.
10th October 2018

Quick Guide to Boho Weddings

Have you been daydreaming of a wedding that has all the boho vibes?
5th September 2018

Slip wedding dress

Looking for a relaxed style to make you feel luxury in your wedding day celebration?
15th August 2018

Sleeved wedding dresses

You know what is amazing?  You can choose to wear something that you feel utterly confident in, as well as looking gorgeous!
24th July 2018

Learn how to clean your wedding dress

One of your most frequently asked questions after saying ‘I do’ is how you can preserve your wedding dress!
4th July 2018

Advice from Caroline Castigliano

Finding the perfect dress is the most important thing to any newly engaged bride which makes your designer very important indeed. Step forward Caroline Castigliano.
24th June 2018

Image Boutique Awards

We’re delighted to be nominated for the #ImageBoutiqueAwards, in the Best Luxury Boutique Category.
12th June 2018

Naked wedding dress

The naked wedding dress is officially a trend that started with evening celebrities dresses, then filtered into the red carpet and ended up on the aisle.