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  It’s your big day and you deserve to look a million dollars. You’ve chosen your dress and it’s absolutely fabulous, now you’ve got to decide what to wear with your stunning gown. Do you accessorise to the hilt? Or do you opt for a more subtle look? The choice is, of course, completely up to you but there are certain ‘rules’ you should remember when accessorising your wedding gown. . Wedding Dress Acessories   . 1. Less can sometimes be more It’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to dress like a princess, so you’re going to wear the whole caboodle, a tiara, veil, necklace, earrin
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Hen Party Dos and Donts

Hen Party Dos and Don'ts



  • Do organise comprehensively and well in advance. Like organising any other event, it's key to remember that entertainment venues usually get booked up early.
  • Do keep in mind the other attendants. If you have particularly old, young, or reserved attendants, consider devoting a portion of the night to a G- Rated celebration. This part of the night usually focuses on the bride-to-be: celebrating her as a persona as well as her upcoming nuptials. It can also consist of fun activities that you may be doing later on anyway,
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Should I have my wedding abroad?

Before a couple makes a decision to plan a long distance wedding, they should consider the following information, which will help them choose the option that is right for them. . Should I have my wedding abroad? .


1. Simple

Destination weddings can be so much simpler to plan and execute than close to home weddings. This may seem counter intuitive  since it can be very difficult to orchestrate an event long distance, but it actually is easier to plan a wedding at a distant destination. The reason it is simpler is that many destinations have pre-designed wedding pack
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Five Essential Honeymoon Beauty Products

It’s probably tempting to pack your entire beauty collection for your honeymoon. After all, frizzy hair and blotchy skin have no place on an amazing vacation! But, whether you’re tanning on tropical beaches or backpacking across Europe, it only takes a few of the right products to keep you looking as refreshed as you feel.


Check out the 5 essential beauty products for every honeymoon below!



Honeymoon Beauty Products

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